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Mercedes eyeing top spot in luxury car segment; Lexus hit hard by recalls may relinquish the throne held for 10 years

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Lexus brand ruled the U.S. luxury car segment for a decade but is not in danger of being toppled by Mercedes-Benz after a series of vehicle recalls this year.

Lexus’ image is battered by a number of recalls of their vehicles due to problems like stalling engines, fuel leaks, or instability during emergency maneuvers. Aside from the Lexus brand, the Japanese car manufacturer’s main brand also had to recall about 8 million vehicles due to risks linked to unintentional acceleration.

According to researchers, it is highly possible that Mercedes-Benz will take over Toyota when the figures reflecting the impact of the recalls come in on the second half of 2010.

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Toyota FT-86 Concept: It’s Brand New!

Toyota FT-86 Concept

We all know that sports car fans are constantly looking for the next bright and shiny sports car that they can bow down to.  Well – the Toyota FT-86 Concept is going to be it, if it makes it through the testing mind you.  This beautiful car is actually looking pretty chic in this picture and while it might just be a concept car right now, Toyota is seriously considering putting the Toyota FT-86 Concept together.

The engine – well, it is certainly something to be proud of.  It is going to be a 2.0-liter engine with about 250HP to it.  While that might not seem all that fast or that big, the smaller the engine, the better the quality is the rule that I go by.

If you happen to be looking for a new sports car – the Toyota FT-86 Concept is going to be awesome!

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