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Try the new Porsche 911, join Winner Experience Program

This news might just make Porsche lovers smile as the German car manufacturer gives drivers the chance to test drive the newest Porsche 911 in extreme driving conditions thru their program called Winter Driving Experience.

You do not have to worry about your driving skills, Porsche will have trainers to help you improve your driving skills and smooth out the rough edges of your driving style thru practical and theoretical lessons.

It will be a perfect get away while enjoying the great sports car. When you join the driving program, you will be cruising from the roads of South Africa to the extremely cold settings of the Arctic Circle. The Driving Experience aims at teaching drivers to master the handling of the Porshe 911 in any weather and road conditions.

If you will be signing up for the Finland program, you can hone your skills thru different levels of difficulty from Precision, to Performance, and the top Master training program. In Africa, the tour will kick off in Cape Town and bring the Porsche 911 thru the twisting roads to test the abilities of the vehicle on winding roads.

If you want to join the winter program of Porsche, you can go to their website for more information or you can request for a catalog thru +49 0711/911-23360 to 64.

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Porsche to Unveil 918 Spyder Concept; Peasants Rejoice

Porsche 918 Spyder conceptIt is going to take me a second to get started.

I am having a few problems.

There is drool all over my keyboard, for one thing. For another, I cannot quite seem to pick up my jaw from off of the floor.

I mean, oh em gee times three. OMG OMG OMG!

The Porsche 918 Spyder concept is So. Effing. Hot.

There are a computer of skeletons in the closet of its creation, but eh, who cares?

I just want to be able to look at it. Because heaven knows I don’t have a shot in H. E. Double hockey sticks of ever getting to drive it or anything.

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Porsche and VW — Merging?

porsche-and-vw-logos-250-gettyWe all know that the Porsche brand is a brand that is very prestige and all around snotty – however, the head of Porsche is actually looking to get out of it and he is looking to merge the Porsche brand with the Volkswagen brand.  How cool is that?  Finally, Porsche is getting some sense and they are going to merge the two brands together, which to me is going to be awesome!

Personally, VW is by far the best brand in the world.  I think that their cars are incredible, they will never die and the prices are actually affordable.  Too bad I can not say the same thing about the Porsche brand, because honestly – I do not think that they are ever going to be affordable, however they are going to be once VW gets a hold of them.

More news to come on this one, I really can not wait to see how this merge turns out!

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