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How about that Honda 3R-C?

Honda 3R-C conceptWhen most of us think about Honda vehicles, we think about something largely affordable, am I right?  Of course, I might not be right here, so let me change that statement: when I think about Honda’s vehicles, I think of something that is pretty affordable for the average person.  And I know a lot of people hold that same opinion, whether they would actually want to buy a Honda or not.

So, Hondas.  Affordable automobiles.  But what about practicality?  For the most part, at least in my opinion, Honda vehicles are mid-line autos.  They are not really flashy, they are nothing really spectacular, but they are dependable, they are functional — until Honda up and decides to get edgy or something, at which point you get the Honda 3R-C concept.  Yeah, yeah, eco friendly, jump on the bandwagon.  But I have a question for all of you readers: would you ever actually be caught dead on something like this?

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Can You Get behind the Honda Pilot Concept?

Honda Pilot conceptGiven the current state of the economy, which is improving only at the slowest possible snail’s pace, people are looking for more affordable vehicles. As most of us are well aware of, Honda produces some pretty affordable vehicles, so it is definition worth it to look at what was once simply the Honda Pilot concept. Of course, now it has gone into production and it is a 2008 car, which means that it will be more affordable than newer models.

So. What do you think? The packaging and refinement attributes were integrated with this model, so that they mesh with the capabilities and utility seen in a decidedly SUV design. The vehicle is designed to seat eight, because with it, Honda was hoping to make the world of cars and the world of trucks come together. Were they successful?

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