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Leaked: Lamborghini SUV heading to auto show in Beijing?

There has been rumors that Lamborghini is coming up with an SUV due to hit the production pipeline and set to be unwrapped during the upcoming motor show in Beijing. Recently a leaked image of the said vehicle went around the internet.

The Lamborghini SUV might actually be another sedan that might take inspiration from the Estoque Concept that we saw back in 2009.

Anyway, the top executive of Lamborghini says that a 4-door unit fits the direction to which the car manufacturer wants to go. Let us look for example at Lambo’s cousin Porsche which made a hit out of its Cayenne in the SUV segment even with naysayers on the sideline.

We are assuming that if ever Lamborghini will come up with an SUV, it might take hints from the Cayenne or the next gen model of its cousin brand. The engine might take root from the V10 of the Gallardo which may mean as powerful as 575 horsepower. Or even a more exciting is a hybrid setup which might use hybrid technologies.

The new SUV of Lamborghini will be far from the image of their first attempt in the segment in the form of the LM002 which is actually something built for the military. The new SUV will have a sporty attitude and provisions of a luxury ride of course. This should satisfy the taste of the upper bracketsof the can affords in Russia, the US, India, and China.

We might not see this SUV on sale until around 2016. For now we can expect some more details as we jump from auto shows in Geneva then the one in New York before Beijing which will kick off on the 23rd of April.

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Vanessa Rousso’s Gallardo Lamborghini

Poker player Vanessa Rousso is not the best poker player in the world (even though her tournament results are above average), but she does have great taste in cars. This beautiful Lamborghini Gallardo is NOT a brand new one, but even used it’s brutal and fits her GoDaddy-girl lifestyle perfectly.

I’m not sure whether or not Chad Brown gets to drive it too – but I hope he’s getting a freeroll! :)

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