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How about that Honda 3R-C?

Honda 3R-C conceptWhen most of us think about Honda vehicles, we think about something largely affordable, am I right?  Of course, I might not be right here, so let me change that statement: when I think about Honda’s vehicles, I think of something that is pretty affordable for the average person.  And I know a lot of people hold that same opinion, whether they would actually want to buy a Honda or not.

So, Hondas.  Affordable automobiles.  But what about practicality?  For the most part, at least in my opinion, Honda vehicles are mid-line autos.  They are not really flashy, they are nothing really spectacular, but they are dependable, they are functional — until Honda up and decides to get edgy or something, at which point you get the Honda 3R-C concept.  Yeah, yeah, eco friendly, jump on the bandwagon.  But I have a question for all of you readers: would you ever actually be caught dead on something like this?

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Can You Get behind the Honda Pilot Concept?

Honda Pilot conceptGiven the current state of the economy, which is improving only at the slowest possible snail’s pace, people are looking for more affordable vehicles. As most of us are well aware of, Honda produces some pretty affordable vehicles, so it is definition worth it to look at what was once simply the Honda Pilot concept. Of course, now it has gone into production and it is a 2008 car, which means that it will be more affordable than newer models.

So. What do you think? The packaging and refinement attributes were integrated with this model, so that they mesh with the capabilities and utility seen in a decidedly SUV design. The vehicle is designed to seat eight, because with it, Honda was hoping to make the world of cars and the world of trucks come together. Were they successful?

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Toyota FT-86 Concept: It’s Brand New!

Toyota FT-86 Concept

We all know that sports car fans are constantly looking for the next bright and shiny sports car that they can bow down to.  Well – the Toyota FT-86 Concept is going to be it, if it makes it through the testing mind you.  This beautiful car is actually looking pretty chic in this picture and while it might just be a concept car right now, Toyota is seriously considering putting the Toyota FT-86 Concept together.

The engine – well, it is certainly something to be proud of.  It is going to be a 2.0-liter engine with about 250HP to it.  While that might not seem all that fast or that big, the smaller the engine, the better the quality is the rule that I go by.

If you happen to be looking for a new sports car – the Toyota FT-86 Concept is going to be awesome!

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Check Out The Seat IBZ Concept!

Seat IBZ Concept

When you think about concept cars – they usually look incredible, feel great and then when they come out … they look like crap and no one really wants to buy them.  That is not the case with the Seat IBZ Concept.  This car is absolutely perfect in every way and it actually just showed itself at the Frankfurt Motor Show! 

The Seat IBZ Concept actually adds a bit of Alfa-worthy beauty to it and while to some people, the clean and crisp lines do not make a difference … to me, they do.  I want my car to be clean and crisp – fresh and awesome and that is exactly what the Seat IBZ Concept.

This car definitely does not look like the station wagons that I remember way back in the day – that’s for sure!

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2010 Mitsubishi i MiEV: What Is It?

0811_27_z2010_mitsubishi_i_mievfront_three_quarter_viewDo you think that America is finally ready for the very first electric city car?  Well, no matter if you think that we are or not, Mitsubishi thinks that we are and that is one of the main reasons why they have come up with the Mitsubishi I MiEV car!  This incredible car actually premiered earlier this year at the New York auto show and while it might be a Japanese-made car, it is actually completely electric and there is no gas needed for this car.

Are you curious as to how it works?  Well, it actually runs on lithium-ion batteries, which in total weighs about 450 pounds and they are attached beneath the rear seats.  You charge this car in the trunk area and to be honest, this car is going to be one hot car as soon as the concept is totally improved and all of the tweaks are worked out.

The Mitsubishi I MiEV is near silent and while it might not be a sports car, I have to say that the fact it can get up to 35 miles per hour, that is incredible!

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Citroen revealed DS Inside concept prior to Geneva debut

Citroën Cars revealed the DS Inside concept Citroen DS Insidevehicle prior to its scheduled show at the Geneva auto show on March.

The model that they showed is a three-door hatchback model which is a teaser to the upcoming version of the intended DS3 car, which is reported to hit the European market in the early period of 2010.

The Citroen DS Inside concept vehicle will be noticed and recognized by its stylish façade, on the road performance and of its functional statement. They will be produced with Citroen’s excellence when it comes to sharp styling, originality and extraordinary performance.

DS3 is considered to be the first building block of Citroen’s “near-premium” array of three cars.

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BMW Concept CS Will Not Go to Production

BMW officials have revealed that it will not be producing the much awaited BMW Concept CS scheduled to debut by 2011. The decision has been made after looking at the meager 1.3% operating return.

The car company will be focusing on profitability and has reconsidered to halt the production version of what can be the top BMW car. The Concept CS does not conform with the internal requirements which can bring in money to the manufacturer.

The BMW Concept CS was unveiled in 2007 and joined the New York car show last march. It is a coupe-style vehicle with a four-person capacity designed to compete in the class of Mercedes-Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera, and Quatroporte of Maserati.

The car manufacturer aims to push for the development of efficient dynamics and project 1 which involves investment in future technologies but they are looking to cut cost by as much as $7.79 billion a year.

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