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Mercedes reveals 4MATIC system for FWD vehicles, will debut on the CLA

4MATICThrough the years, the 4MATiC of Mercedes-Benz has been the brand’s designation for its models with all-wheel drive capabilities. These are the likes of the CL- or the C-Class and also the growing SUV portfolio of the brand.

The 4MATIC might be a very common name but Mercedes offers different all-wheel drive systems depending on the vehicle model and the needs of its customers. So what you have on the CLS differs from the AWD system you have in a G-Wagen.

The German car manufacturer has shared the details of its fifth version of the 4MATIC system specifically for its CLA sports saloon and its AMG sibling. This new 4MATIC will be tailored to the new FWD models.

This new all-wheel drive system can only be linked with the semi-automatic 7G-DCT dual-clutch 7speed gearbox. It will use a power take off unit that is integrated with the transmission utilizing the same system of lubrication. This setup result to lesser friction and chops off about 25% of the weight over similar, rival systems.

A clutch with multiple disks that is integrated to the rear axle handles the torque distribution. During normal driving conditions, the clutch is just open and the vehicle is almost a full front-wheel drive in order to have better fuel efficiency.

When the system detects speed differences between the axles, a rotor pump is activated automatically . In a blink, the systems will activate the clutch on the rear and this will shift the torque between the front and rear wheels as needed.

How the torque will be distributed will depend on the selection of the transmission program. You can opt for the ECO mode which makes less torque go to the rear wheels for better fuel efficiency. The SPORT and the MANUAL modes will give you quicker activation times and more torque sent to the rear for a sportier ride. The system used with the CLA 45 AMG will depend on the settings of the ESP.

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