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Mercedes-Benz aims to roll out Mini G-Wagen by 2015

It appears that Mercedes-Benz has all bases covered when it comes to vehicle niches. The car manufacturer even launched a five-door, elongated version of its CLS coupe. When it comes to SUVs, the brand has the GL-Class, the smaller ML, and the GLK for those who want a more compact ride. It will also have the GLA crossover in a few years.

Aside from the models we mentioned, Mercedes-Benz also has the refreshed G-Wagen for consumers who may want something that can rival the Defender from Land Rover in terms of off-road prowess. Someone in Stuttgart may have also toyed with the idea of having a mini version of the G-Wagen. It seemed that the bosses liked the idea, so we heard the project is under consideration.

The mini G has a code name of X156 at the moment. The new model will be the cousin of the GLA or if better description is needed, its mud-lugging, hardcore sister.

Both the GLA and the mini G will use the platform of the A-Class. The GLA though will get the configuration fit for the buyers who want the luxury and great on-road handling. The mini-G is set to be the more squarish and more brute counterpart that will be more capable when the terrain gets rougher.

The SUV may get the 1.6L gasoline engine that is being used by the A-Class and the B-Class. Or maybe a 2.0L powerplant. There should also be a good range of variants just like how Mercedes comes up with vehicles for its consumer base.

It is a bit of a surprise though that the mini-G will have a FWD version. Maybe not disrespecting the G-Wagen tradition but more of catering to the crowd who wants to have the looks but not really going off roads. That really does not make sense, but it must be economics.

The AWD 4Matic variant will most likely lead the pack in terms of popularity. This model though will drop the 3 locking differentials the G-Wagen is known for and will instead get a Haldex clutch.

The project is said to have the green light and is the first in line among other projects such as a new A-Class coupe. If it gets the approval of the bosses, expect it to get into showrooms before the end of 2015.

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