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Diesel variants coming for next gen Subaru STi and Mitsubishi EVO

Japanese car manufacturers Subaru and Mitsubishi are planning to introduce diesel options for their STi and EVO models.

The story about the move of Mitsubishi has some odd details behind it with rumors that the carmaker planned to scrap the Lancer EVO model while there are also rumors that it will no longer release petrol variants of the Evolution but instead focus on a diesel-electric hybrid.

If Mitsubishi is really planning to make an EVO which is a diesel-only or a diesel-eletric hybrid, this will keep the car from mainstream competition of motor-sport. The move will also make it hard to push it in the markets of Japan and the United States. One good news though will be keeping its carbon dioxide emission down the line of 200 grams per kilometer.

The diesel-electric Lancer EVO will most likely go from 0 to 100 km/h below five seconds. This model is rumored to still have the AWD system that gives the car a great performance.

The Subaru plan seems definite with an Impreza STi on the works due for 2012. This new model will have a diesel powerplant which will be a beefed up version of the current 2.0L diesel engine used by the Impreza lineup.

There are also rumors that the 4-cylinder engine of the STi will be downsized to a turbocharged 1.5L engine. This move will also keep the STi from joining rally tourneys.

Let’s wait and see. We will keep you posted!

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