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2010 Saab 9-5: Check It Out!

2010 Saab 9-5

When it comes to 2010 Saab 9-5, I have to say that I am very excited about this car.  Now, I have always been a Saab fan in the first place but when my eyes hooked onto this beauty, I was a goner.  Not only is this car going to be one of the prettiest cars on the market, but I can promise that the 2010 Saab 9-5 is going to have all sorts of different and unique features – including its pronounced grille and fascia as well as multi-hued side mirrors and full-length LED brake lighting.

Inside, there is a cockpit style dash layout and the design has been taken from vintage all the way back to modern – and that is the way that it should stay!  There is very mellow green-tinted lighting and overall – I think that 2010 Saab 9-5 is going to rock!

Whether in the pictures or in the flesh – the 2010 Saab 9-5 is absolutely incredible overall!

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European-Spec Ford Fiesta: One Incredible Car!

Ford FiestaIf there is one thing that I know about cars … it is going to be that everything in the world is going to change in 2011 … actually next spring to be honest when the Ford Fiesta comes out.  This particular car is by far Ford’s best and I think that they are going to change me for good when they finally come out with this cool, young and hip looking car.

That is what the cars these days are all about.  Back in the day, the cars were all about the price, how it looked – if it could belong to an executive and the color.  Nowadays, it is all about how the body looks, how cute it is and how brilliant and bright the color is.  Along with just how packed the technology inside of it is.

That is what the cool thing about the Ford Fiesta.  This particular car is packed with technology and it is definitely going to be one hell of a car once it hits the market next year in the spring time!

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Porsche and VW — Merging?

porsche-and-vw-logos-250-gettyWe all know that the Porsche brand is a brand that is very prestige and all around snotty – however, the head of Porsche is actually looking to get out of it and he is looking to merge the Porsche brand with the Volkswagen brand.  How cool is that?  Finally, Porsche is getting some sense and they are going to merge the two brands together, which to me is going to be awesome!

Personally, VW is by far the best brand in the world.  I think that their cars are incredible, they will never die and the prices are actually affordable.  Too bad I can not say the same thing about the Porsche brand, because honestly – I do not think that they are ever going to be affordable, however they are going to be once VW gets a hold of them.

More news to come on this one, I really can not wait to see how this merge turns out!

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Ford C-Max: It’s Moving To Spain!

ford_iosisOne car that I know that everyone in the world is anticipating is the Ford C-Max.  Ford is not my favorite brand of car in the world, however, when I saw this particular car, I actually thought that it looked pretty cool. 

The reason for me posting about the C-Max, is because Ford actually made a decision and they decided that they are going to move the production of this incredible car all the way to Spain.  No more American made for this car, this car is going to be move from Spain into Germany and it should be built in Saarlouis Germany.

While we all know that Ford is the most American company in the world, there are reasons behind this madness and one of the main reasons is because Ford is trying to expand themselves so they could reach some of the European markets and that is exactly what this move is going to bring them – so really, take it easy on Ford!

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