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Six-Zone Combustion Model for Direct-Injection Diesel Engines

Six Zone Combustion Model DieselAt Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France, researchers are building a new multizone combustion model for direct-injection (DI) diesel engines. The model recognizes six zones and provides local information such as the various zone’s temperature and the mean equivalence ratio. The engineers use different methods to find new in-cylinder combustion approaches to decrease emissions.

The six zones are the following:

  • “Liquid” zone
  • Air fuel mixture between the utmost liquid diffusion L and the lift-off length H.
  • The premixed combustion zone.
  • Diffusion combustion zone.
  • Diffusion flame surrounding zones.
  • Surrounding gas (air and EGR).

The model was analyzed on two-operating points at lesser load conditions. With the analysis, they found out that the new six-zone combustion model provides some new in-cylinder information in contrast to existing OD combustion models. It can also locate main trends when varying engine speed and load, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) rate, or boost pressure and can also be utilized to translate experimental emission trends.

Researchers in this project are planning to work on perking up some of the features of the development and combustion of fuel jets. These features are:

  • The connections between the various injections, to be able to flow with multi-injections.
  • The connections between adjoining jets and combustion chamber walls.
  • The calculation of pollutant emissions.
  • The taking into consideration of the chemistry when sprinting under LTC conditions (EGR-sustained LTC and HCCI combustion).
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