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Citroen revealed DS Inside concept prior to Geneva debut

Citroën Cars revealed the DS Inside concept Citroen DS Insidevehicle prior to its scheduled show at the Geneva auto show on March.

The model that they showed is a three-door hatchback model which is a teaser to the upcoming version of the intended DS3 car, which is reported to hit the European market in the early period of 2010.

The Citroen DS Inside concept vehicle will be noticed and recognized by its stylish façade, on the road performance and of its functional statement. They will be produced with Citroen’s excellence when it comes to sharp styling, originality and extraordinary performance.

DS3 is considered to be the first building block of Citroen’s “near-premium” array of three cars.

The DS3 will be developed on the same pattern as with the C3, the car manufacturer’s existing small model, as well as with the Peugeot’s number one selling model, the 207. The Legendary DS badge will not die!

Citroen will release DS3 with excellent features and will offer several ways to individualize the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle. This includes a trendy option for car aficionados – their own selection of different body and roof paints.

The cars that will comprise the Distinctive Series array is featured with the famous DS badge that was made known all over the world by Citroen’s remarkable sedan in the 1950’s to 1970’s. Citroen’s next array will come out with a unique name: the DS Line. DS3 is the first car, and will be followed by DS4 and DS5.

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