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Possession vs. Recession: Car auctions still a hit

Car AuctionJanuary has just passed—the month that a various motor homes are spread out. The Barrett-Jackson circus tent is just a place to be for would-be owners of the cars in auction. And so people thought it wouldn’t be a hit because of recession. But it seemed as if there was no economic crisis at all.

Six auctions took place around the saguaros. It was a profit-generating season for the auctioneers. Among the many that earned a lot were Bugattis, Packards, and Ferraris. There were big sellers. Financial breakdown didn’t seem to affect the auction market.

Craig Jackson, the Barrett-Jackson CEO, had one word to describe how their sales were this year: AWESOME! Imagine 17 cars being moved every hour. That must mean a lot of money. Jackson gladly announced that their market didn’t go down along with Wall Street. “…These cars don’t shrink when something happens on Wall Street,” he said.

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