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Andy Saunders Art Cars Sold in Auction

Last October 29, London has witnessed a new world record. Andy Saunders, a British car artist, has entrusted RM Auctions to sell his famous art car collections. The said ensemble is composed of different classic cars. The McLaren F1 unit set the world record as it was sold for a whopping £2.5 million.

The said collection was a product of Saunder’s desires and imagination. All the cars were designed to suit the tastes of its creator. It is notable that each car has its own attitude. The designs have a distinct appeal. Asked why he opted to sell his collections, Saunders simply said that he run out of room for new designs and creations.

Let’s take a look at some of Saunders’ collections.
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BMW Concept CS Will Not Go to Production

BMW officials have revealed that it will not be producing the much awaited BMW Concept CS scheduled to debut by 2011. The decision has been made after looking at the meager 1.3% operating return.

The car company will be focusing on profitability and has reconsidered to halt the production version of what can be the top BMW car. The Concept CS does not conform with the internal requirements which can bring in money to the manufacturer.

The BMW Concept CS was unveiled in 2007 and joined the New York car show last march. It is a coupe-style vehicle with a four-person capacity designed to compete in the class of Mercedes-Benz CLS, Porsche Panamera, and Quatroporte of Maserati.

The car manufacturer aims to push for the development of efficient dynamics and project 1 which involves investment in future technologies but they are looking to cut cost by as much as $7.79 billion a year.

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2009 Nissan Versa Holds Cheapest Car Tag in the United States

Nissan North America will be selling the cheapest car in the United States when it releases to the market on November 18 the Nissan 2009 Versa Sedan which will sport a smaller engine not available in the country before.

The 2009 Nissan Versa 1.6 model boasts of superb fuel economy, beautiful design, and reliability. The manufacturer of the car has a suggested retail price of only $9990 excluding handling and shipping costs. That’s a budget car price tag if you’ll ever see one!

The car with the smaller engine and no air conditioner has a tag of $10685 including shipping. This is much lower compared to the previous 1.8L release which had a sticker of $13685.

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